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How to Purchase doTERRA
Body Integrite Offers doTERRA
The Myths of Skin Care


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How to Purchase doTERRA

You can find out more information on doTERRA products and the many benefits associated with them by contacting me directly at, or view the Virtual Product Guide on my website at

Body Integrite Offers doTERRA

Please contact me for more information on all of the many benefits of doTERRA products.

The Myths of Skin Care

Cheap, drug-store brand skin care products are just as effective as salon & spa-based products....
Make-up doesn't affect break-outs....
The sun isn't as strong during Winter, so you don't need to wear sunscreen....
The foundation I use has spf in it so I don't need to wear sunscreen under it....
Products and skin care treatments do not make a difference....
These are just a few of the myths I hear on a regular basis.
For someone who has grown up in the spa industry, skin care comes as second nature to me.